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JTA Productivity Monitor

JTA Productivity Monitor

The JTA Productivity Monitor is a flexibly configurable service for monitoring and analyzing production equipment status as well as productivity data.
JTA Connection Oy has established a subsidiary JTA Connection OÜ
JTA Connection strengthens its strategic presence in Germany!

JTA Connection’s Sales Director Jarkko Lepistö will be moving to Bavaria’s region in southern Germany from the beginning of September to strengthen the company’s local office and presence among its current customers.

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CLIENT'S experience
"Group of four. Beaten by one."
Benefits that ST-Koneistus accomplished through its automation project with JTA Connection.
"Easy to use operating interface. For instance, our employee using the system has an education of a youth worker and no previous machining experience. I think it's fair to say that JTA Connection's HMI screen is pretty easy to use."

"Secondly, now one person can handle two machining centers in two straight shifts in eight hours. Without automation, the same productivity would take four employees. The difference would be that the employee with the automation would still beat the group of four with 50% more manifolds."
Tommi Peltonen
ST-Koneistus Oy, yrittäjä
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CLIENT'S experience
"Less expenses, more comfort."
Benefits that Teknikum accomplished through its automation project with JTA Connection.
"We had a relatively new production line that produced several thousand products per day. Products were otherwise finalized, but leftover pieces from an injection molding process were reminded. Due to the fast production cycle, constant manpower was required at the workstation.

Thanks to this automation project, the works station does not require an employee's full attention, and a person can use another machine on the side as well.

Practically we achieved two things: the employees' work became easier and more diversified, and we won a half person-year, thanks to the automation."
Riku Nieminen
Teknikum, Process Excellence Engineer
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CLIENT'S experience
"Fast support. Happy client."
Robit Oyj values JTA Connection's swift response time on support requests.
Case: Robit Oyj
In the past few years, we have designed and delivered three highly automated robotic cells to Robit to solve their very complex and demanding rocktool production in Lempäälä, Finland. Together these solutions have included, e.g.:
▪️ 3x DMG Mori's machine centers
▪️ 5x Fanuc robots
▪️ 3x industrial washer machines
▪️ A conveyor line
▪️ Bin picking technology
What are your thoughts on JTA Connection?
"The response time is excellent. Additionally, I feel they are earnest about what they are doing and keen to find out what is best for their customers!"
"For instance, due to the Bin picking technology, we were able to drop off one stage entirely from our production process."
Jorma Pyykkö
Robit Oyj, Production Manager