JTA Connection delivers an automated pallet conveyor system for Olvi Plc – The deal is worth over €1.5 million

JTA Connection delivers an automated pallet conveyor system for Olvi Plc – The deal is worth over €1.5 million
 | 26.04.2024

    Finnish beverage company Olvi has chosen JTA Connection as the supplier of a pallet conveyor system for its internal logistic high-storage extension in Iisalmi, Finland. JTA Connection was also involved in the original high-storage, which was built in 2013.

    The delivery includes the pallet conveyor system, which comprises approximately 200 meters of conveyor and more than 200 gear motors installed and commissioned. The whole is the most important part of Olvi’s internal logistics, enabling consumers to have over 10 million moments of enjoyment every day.

    “Our successful cooperation with JTA Connection dates back more than 15 years. We value the way JTA Connection takes care of projects and how flexibly they consider our daily production and deliveries without causing uncertainty,” says Olvi’s logistics supervisor, Ilkka Heikkilä.

    The project certainly is another testament to the enduring partnership between the two since JTA Connection has successfully delivered nearly 100 different automation solutions to Olvi.

    “The scale of our collaboration indicates our mutual trust and commitment well. However, I like to think that we have always closed our projects in a manner that has given us an opportunity to do the next one, and of course, we plan to continue to do so,” says JTA Connection’s Project Leader, Arto Lammila.

    The new automated pallet conveyor system is scheduled to be delivered in begin of year 2025.

    Olvi is a Finnish beverage company, which wants to offer beverage enjoyment for its consumers. Olvi has already produced beverages since 1878 in Iisalmi. Currently the company operates locally in Finland, the Baltic states, Denmark and Belarus.

    JTA Connection Oy offers tailor-made production and logistics automation solutions for numerous industries, such as robotic cells, conveyor lines for material handling and complete production and assembly lines worldwide. In addition, the company offers a professional design service to automate production processes and serves in the installation and maintenance of automation equipment.