JTA Connection Oy’s management has bought the company’s entire share capital

JTA Connection Oy’s management has bought the company’s entire share capital
Juho Pulakka, Arto Lammila, Timo Ahonen and Jere Mattjus.
 | 19.06.2024

    JTA Connection Oy’s CEO, Jere Mattjus, Sales Director, Jarkko Lepistö, and Technical Director, Juho Pulakka, have bought the entire share capital of the company. The transaction became effective on June 18, 2024. This arrangement ensures the continuity of the company’s 25-year-long business operations into the future. The arrangement will not affect the company’s operational activities.

    As a result of the transaction, Timo Ahonen and Arto Lammila will relinquish their shares in the company. Ahonen has also left his position as company Chairman. 

    Lammila, on the other hand, will continue at JTA Connection as a Project Director and remain actively involved in operational activities. Arto’s over 35 years of project business experience have significantly enhanced the organization’s expertise.

    “We have a deep respect for both Timo and Arto and their life’s works. Furthermore, Timo has been a crucial author in developing such a strong industrial automation hub in the Tampere region. He has also left an indelible mark on JTA Connection’s corporate culture and spirit, which we now aim to uphold,” says Jere Mattjus, CEO of JTA Connection.

    “Knowing that the company is in good hands is important to me. These guys have the same passion for this work that I once had. Additionally, they now have a new growth phase in sight, so I am keenly watching their future achievements. I wish them and the company the best of luck. Additionally, I want to thank the entire JTA Connection staff, customers, and friends I have made during my entrepreneurial career for an enriching journey,” says Timo Ahonen.

    For more information: Jere Mattjus | CEO | +358 50 377 5239

    JTA Connection Oy offers tailor-made production and logistics automation solutions for numerous industries, such as robotic cells, conveyor lines for material handling and complete production and assembly lines worldwide. In addition, the company offers a professional design service to automate production processes and serves in the installation and maintenance of automation equipment.