Sacometal, Mikko Nieminen

    “We had specific requirements, and they came up with the specific solutions.”

    Mikko Nieminen, Production Manager


    Finnish biggest bronze-specialized foundry and machinery, Sacometal, achieved accelerated production and better machine utilization throughout two different automation projects delivered by JTA Connection.

    How would you describe JTA Connection as an automation partner?

    “Right from the start, JTA was by our side, helping us tackle the unique challenges we often encounter. Their ability to provide a holistic and competitive solution was impressive and adaptable to our needs. I think JTA Connection is a trustworthy company!”

    Anything surprising appeared during these projects?

    “Yes, I was surprised that even though we had very specific requirements, they always came up with specific solutions. As a result, we now have two new productive tending cells serving our production.”

    What were the benefits you achieved throughout this automation project?

    “These projects have stabilized and increased our production uptime, which practically means better productivity in the long run.”

    What was a most crucial thing for Sacometal in these projects?

    “That we achieved our objectives. That is something you can’t take for granted when you are developing totally new methods.”


    Sacometal’s tending cell #1


    Sacometal’s tending cell #2


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