Sisälogistiikka- ja materiaalinkäsittelyratkaisut

Internal logistics and
material handling solutions

Do you want to automate your production
with conveyors or AMR solutions?

Innovative solutions

to streamline internal logistics and material handling!

Mir hylly

Thanks to Autonomous mobile robots (AMR)), we are able to solve even more complex problems between inventories and production lines.

  1. Official MiR supplier in Finland, Russia and the Baltic countries
  2. Authorized MiR integrator worldwide

JTA Connection provides material handling related automation solutions from a very wide range of light object conveyors to multi-tonne load transfer equipment and system assemblies.

Our company has a strong foothold in, for example, , the paper industry and beverage and food industries in internal logistics and material handling automation projects.

Solution examples:
  1. AMR solutions
  2. Conveyor solutions and turntables
  3. Palletizing and packaging solutions
  4. High storages

We always implement
an individual solution

We produce most of the conveyors and equipment we use ourselves, which means our solutions can always be tailored to meet the specific requirements of your company.

Comprehensive automation partner
Wide range of products and services under one roof

Official MiR supplier in Finland, Russia and the Baltic states and a globally certified integration partner.

We are Fanuc and KUKA robots

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