Etra, Antti Saarinen

    “They are constructive and initiative partner”

    Antti Saarinen, Procedure Designer


    In addition to its well-known industrial product and accessory wholesale business, Etra also offers a wide selection of subcontracting services such as technical plastics machining, fastener production, and water cutting services.

    The plastics machining services are located in Tampere, Finland, where all products are produced according to the customer’s drawings and specifications, stored, and delivered flexibly on time whenever needed.

    The need for the automation project in question originated a few years ago when Etra united its two plastic units as singular. Someone could think that workforce would be normally cut on these occasions, but it was the opposite in this case.

    “We actually had to recruit more personnel after the fusion and started working in two shifts. Soon we were facing a situation where we had to choose whether to take a third shift and weekends on our playbook or are we starting to automate our production,” Antti Saarinen, Etra’s Procedure Designer, says.

    As a result, JTA Connection delivered a tending robot cell solution for Etra that can load and unload the machining center automatically. In addition, JTA Connection designed an innovative grabber for the robot that can handle big flat plastic plates.

    What were the benefits you achieved throughout this automation project?

    “From now on, we can optimize production to run in an unmanned mode for a certain period of time. We also were able to cut heavy, repetitive, and dull stages of the production process.”

    How would you describe JTA Connection as an automation partner?

    “They were a very constructive and initiative partner. If we needed advice or consulting, we got it. I think they took seriously the success of our project.”


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