Ingersoll Rand, Jani Mannila

    “Agile partner with clever ideas”

    Jani Mannila, Manager AME


    Ingersoll Rand has two successful projects completed with JTA Connection. Both were investments in productivity and doing things smartly.

    Practically, Ingersoll Rand automated its machining process of larger-size rotors and other five-axis product components through the robot cells.

    “In addition to the axis-like production capacity increase, we were also able to connect our flange component production to the second production cell, which enhanced our productivity significantly. The robot cell has several grippers so that it can handle various kinds of components. It’s also more modular than the first one.”

    Since Ingersoll Rand is a satisfied customer, it’s no surprise that a third project is under development.

    “It’s a huge project with much more automation than these two previous ones hold together, but let’s get back to that later this year, Mannila suggests.”

    Robot cell #1: Grinding machine tending cell implemented with JTA Connection’s automation packed.

    Robot cell #2: Mazak Integrex Multi-Tasking machine tending cell implemented with JTA Connection’s automation package.


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