JTA Connection has received an order worth over €500,000 for an automatic pallet loading system from ST-Koneistus

JTA Connection has received an order worth over €500,000 for an automatic pallet loading system from ST-Koneistus
Jere Mattjus and Tommi Peltonen.
 | 23.02.2024

    Finland’s largest hydraulic manifold and component manufacturer, ST-Koneistus, has placed an order with JTA Connection for an automatic pallet loading system.

    The automatic pallet loading system will delivered as part of the Palletech system supplied by Mazak. The new loading system maximizes the productivity of the Palletech system by handling the blank loading unmanned around the clock.

    In addition to the automatic pallet loading system, the deal includes the integration of JTA Connection’s Nexus operating system with the Mazak system, enabling the automatic production of small, even individual, parts.

    “Although Mazak’s system is already highly efficient in manufacturing small batches, with the new loading system and the integrated Nexus, even the production of single parts is cost-effective. The loading system and Nexus push the production efficiency of our new Palletech system to the maximum,” says ST-Koneistus owner-entrepreneur Tommi Peltonen.

    The pallet loading system will later be integrated into ST-Koneistus’ AMR system, after which the finished products will automatically move to the washing station for post-processing after machining.

    “I am very pleased that ST-Koneistus has once again decided to rely on our expertise. We never take our long-term customers for granted but humbly work hard for their trust every time. ST-Koneistus is a company that serves as an excellent example of how investing in development can achieve a far-reaching competitive advantage,” says JTA Connection’s CEO Jere Mattjus.

    The automatic pallet loading system marks ST-Koneistus’ third significant order from JTA Connection within two years. Last autumn, JTA Connection delivered an automated washing and drying line for hydraulic manifolds to ST-Koneistus, and in 2022, the companies collaborated on a fully automated hydraulic manifold production cell.

    ST-Koneistus Oy is Finland’s largest manufacturer of hydraulic manifolds and components specializing in demanding special series. For over 50 years, our mission has been to help hydraulic companies and the mechanical engineering industry manufacture high-quality end products. Over the decades, our hydraulic products have been delivered to dozens of countries worldwide.

    JTA Connection Oy offers tailor-made production and logistics automation solutions for numerous industries, such as robotic cells, conveyor lines for material handling and complete production and assembly lines worldwide. In addition, the company offers a professional design service to automate production processes and serves in the installation and maintenance of automation equipment.