JTA Tuottavuusmonitori

JTA Productivity Monitor

The JTA Productivity Monitor is a flexibly configurable service for monitoring and analyzing production equipment status as well as productivity data.


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JTA Tuottavuusmonitori

JTA Tuottavuusmonitori on joustavasti konfiguroitava tuotantolaitteiden tilatietojen ja tuottavuustietojen seurantaan ja analysointiin tarkoitettu palvelu.

The productivity monitor is a web-based application and the information provided by the monitor can be displayed flexibly on any internet-connected terminal device, such as a computer, tablet, smart phone or info TV.

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Decisions should base on knowledge!
The Productivity Monitor is an easy way to analyze production machines' trends and functions.
Utilization rate

Monitor your machinery's utilization rate in real time.


Know your weak spots and deal with them.


Take care of your quality and make no room for second-rate.

Tuottavuusmonitori on web-pohjainen sovellus ja monitorin tarjoama tieto voidaan näyttää joustavasti millä tahansa internet-yhteyden omaavalla päätelaitteella, kuten tietokone, tabletti, puhelin tai info-tv.

The trend displayed by the monitor can be scaled flexibly, for example, to the previous hour, shift, or day. The maximum length is 90 days.


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an affordable usage fee.

JTA Productivity Monitor is based on monthly or year-on-year pricing. The price includes the necessary third-party license fees, productivity monitor maintenance and 100 GB of traffic towards the cloud from each terminal. If necessary, traffic volumes can be increased.

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