Robotic and tending cells

    Tommi Peltonen
    ST-Koneistus Oy, entrepreneur


    Benefits that ST-Koneistus accomplished through its automation project with JTA Connection.

    Here are three reasons why ST-Koneistus’ entrepreneur Tommi Peltonen chose JTA Connection for his company’s latest automation project:

    1. Previous successful experiences with the company
    2. Creative and disruptive visions for reforming production processes
    3. Quick response time to manage surprising twists during the projects

    What are your thoughts on automation generally?

    “I think it’s important to be open-minded to new ideas. Productivity and competitiveness are what we aim at, and to achieve that, we have to accept new technologies and deploy them; the sooner, the better.”

    The latest shared project was an “unmanned” manifold production system, a.k.a FMF (flexible manufacturing factory). The solution included two machine centers, a fixture rack, a robotic arm, and an autonomous mobile robot.

    What benefits did ST-Koneistus accomplish through this automation project?

    “First of all, easy to use operating interface. For instance, our employee using the system has an education of a youth worker and no previous machining experience. I think it’s fair to say that JTA Connection’s HMI screen is pretty easy to use.”

    “Secondly, now one person can handle two machining centers in two straight shifts in eight hours. Without automation, the same productivity would take four employees. The difference would be that the employee with the automation would still beat the group of four with 50% more manifolds.”

    Tommi Peltonen
    ST-Koneistus Oy, entrepreneur

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