Timo Ahonen’s Successful CEO Term Coming to an End – Jere Mattjus as the New CEO of JTA Connection

Timo Ahonen’s Successful CEO Term Coming to an End – Jere Mattjus as the New CEO of JTA Connection
 | 12.10.2021

    Jere Mattjus, Deputy CEO of JTA Connection Oy, has been appointed the company’s new CEO as of June 1, 2021. Timo Ahonen, the founder and long-term CEO of JTA Connection, will take over as Chairman of the Board. 

    Jere Mattjus started at JTA Connection as Director of the Solutions business unit in January 2017, and took over as the company’s Deputy CEO in August 2020. The change of CEO announced today is a natural continuation of the development of JTA Connection in recent years, where the main focus of the company’s strategy has been strong growth of the project business. Determined work has paid off, and the reorganization of management carried out aims to ensure the continuation of the achieved trend. 

    JTA Connection started its operations already in 1999 under the business name Johtotyö Ahonen. Timo Ahonen turned the business name he founded to a limited liability company in 2001, and since then he has been the company’s CEO.  

    During his 20-year term as CEO, Ahonen grew from a one-man company he founded into a robotics and automation solution house with more than 100 employees and an annual turnover of more than EUR 17 million.

    – Managing this company has been a very rewarding and memorable trip for me. However, I feel that now is the right time to hand over the company’s operations to the younger generation, and I will do so in good spirits because I know that my company will be in good hands in the future as well, Ahonen says.

    As Chairman of the Board, Timo Ahonen will continue to be actively involved in the strategic development of the business. With the change, Olli Välimäki, the current Chairman of the Board of JTA Connection, will continue as a Member of the Board.

    JTA Connection thanks Timo for his long service as the company’s CEO and wishes him success in the position of the company’s Chairman!

    JTA Connection Oy offers tailor-made production and logistics automation solutions for numerous industries, such as robotic cells, conveyor lines for material handling and complete production and assembly lines worldwide. In addition, the company offers a professional design service to automate production processes and serves in the installation and maintenance of automation equipment.